What I’m Doing Now

Instead of writing blog posts about minor updates in life, I’m dedicating a space here to writing about the things I’d tell friends and family were going on if I hadn’t seen them for a while.

Here are the things I’m currently focused on:

  • Updating my portfolio with a shiny new website and some shiny new case studies. Target launch date is the end of February March 2018, but there are external dependencies there outside of my control. I’m also writing more on my blog there.
  • I just launched two new websites for EHC Canada: a new current home base, and a new ministry mobilization site. These are the results of over a year of hard work and intense collaboration between their staff and I. I’m excited to show off these sites in my new portfolio (hopefully coming soon).Next up on their list for comprehensive overhauls is their main ministry site.
  • I just took over the marketing work for Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada. I’m easing into the role right now, and am both eager and excited to start new projects.
  • I’ve had Unsung Sundays on hiatus for a year. I’m currently thinking about picking it back up. I’m also almost done programming a minor update to the site’s architecture and design.
  • I’m always interested in chatting with potential clients. If you’re looking for a design studio in the Greater Toronto Area, check out my portfolio and send me an email.

Last updated: early March 2018