What I’m Doing Now

    Instead of writing blog posts about minor updates in life, I’m dedicating a space here to writing about the things I’d tell friends and family were going on if I hadn’t seen them for a while.

    Here are the things I’m currently focused on:

    • Working on my first “product” (a WordPress theme suite for clients with smaller budgets). It’s a series of six customizable themes. This blog is using one of them. (The theme is called “Old Town”). My portfolio website uses another one, called “Financial District”, and there’s a hyper-flexible and very stylish one called “Beaches” also available. Three more are in development.
    • I’m working with Every Home for Christ‘s Canadian team on a series of websites to help bolster their digital marketing and provide resources to the people they serve.
    • Transferring blog posts from Tumblr to WordPress for Unsung Sundays, my major side project. (I honestly expect this will take a year. There are hundreds of album reviews, and they all need to be touched up — and clients have to come first.)
    • I’m always interested in chatting with potential clients. If you’re looking for a design studio in the Greater Toronto Area, check out my portfolio and send me an email.

    Last updated: February 2017